Am i bisexual?

More and more people are beginning to explore their sexuality and sometimes we receive questions about different sexual needs here at the Better Sex Guide. Today, we received a question from a group of Heathrow escorts and it concerns bisexuality. It turns out that one of the Heathrow escorts is concerned that she might be bisexual. She has recently discovered that she really enjoys being kissed and touched by women more than men, and is a bit concerned about it. Bisexuality has been in the news a lot recently, and I am beginning to wonder if this is beginning to influence the way we feel about bisexuality.

What is bisexuality? From a woman’s point of view it is when a woman would like to have sex with a woman as well as a man. It doesn’t mean that you need to be three in a bed. A bisexual woman may just want to have sex with a woman one night and a man the next. Heathrow escorts say that they are concerned about a couple of colleagues of theirs who have started to experiment with bisexuality. The Heathrow escorts who wrote in said that they are not sure of their friends is genuinely bisexual or just playing around for fun.

The truth is that it is very difficult to know. We may all meet somebody from the same sex and fancy them a bit, but like I said in my reply to Heathrow escorts, this does not mean that we need to jump into be with them. I am sure that there are many Heathrow escorts who admire other women or colleagues from a distance, without going to bed with them. But then again, we all change as we go through life and perhaps our bisexual side is late in showing itself.

Is our sexuality taught or implanted? It may sound strange to bisexual Heathrow escorts, but scientists don’t really know if our sexuality is taught or what they call implanted – that just means we were born that way. I told the Heathrow escorts that there are some scientists who believe that sexual behavior is taught and that we pick up ideas from others. In that case, I think that I would be bisexual as I grew up with both gay and straight people all around me. For me it was just as acceptable to be gay as straight, and it still is. However, I am not bisexual or gay, I am just straight and enjoy sex with men.

So, what if our sexually is implanted? What happens in our brains then, and where does bisexuality come from? The truth is that we don’t really know. But if we are programmed in a certain way, there is every possibility that we cannot help nor control our sexuality. We must simply follow our urges and our DNA programming. Perhaps at the end of the day, we worry too much about our sexuality and should ask if it actually defines us? I don’t think that our sexuality define us at all.

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