Your Questions, Answered

xxxchurch - Your Questions, AnsweredHave you ever resolved to walk away from an addiction just to find yourself sinking in it the next day?

Maybe even the same day?

Maybe you’ve promised yourself, your spouse or God that you’ll do anything in return for freedom from the drowning, claustrophobic feeling that comes with failure.

If you deal with that shame…if you suffer from constant guilt…if you are tired of the loneliness…we’d love it if you joined us on the journey to true freedom.

You’ve seen the way My Pilgrimage has helped our friends and we believe that it will also help you break free from these feelings caused by addiction and pain.

It will help transform the way you think and the way you live.

It will help you find real freedom and joy.

Or…you could do nothing. But there’s a steep cost to nothing.

You’ve probably felt it.

If you ignore it, it just gets worse.

Let me be honest with you, I struggle to let other people in on the things I’m most ashamed of. Most people do. We run away from our problems. We close our eyes to our shortcomings.

We self-medicate our way through our failures.

But for most people, none of that works.

We lock ourselves in closets and cling to the very thing that feels like it’s eating us alive. The darkness is suffocating.

Running away from the problem doesn’t solve anything.

Ignoring the problem doesn’t make it go away.

Trying to deal with it alone only deepens our feelings of isolation.

And what happens if we just do nothing? If we just keep doing what we’ve been doing? Life will continue to unravel and ultimately we could lose everything that matters to us. Literally.

I’m not above it, I’ve seen it happen to people I know and love.

I don’t think it has to be that way.

There is a different path to tread.

We captured some of our friends’ stories in the videos I’ve told you about, but they are just the first steps on the road to true freedom. I guess the question now is…

Will you join us on the rest of the journey?

In less than one week, we’ll be opening up My Pilgrimage publicly for the very first time and – at least for 2016 – the very last time.

Because we believe that walking this road together is such an incredibly important and fundamental part of experiencing freedom from addiction and the loneliness that often keeps us there, we have to limit the amount of time this resource is available.

We only have so many small groups that people can participate in together, so we can’t open it up to everyone, all the time.
My Pilgrimage will be available for one week only, beginning September 13th and I’ll be in touch with more about everything it entails soon.

Pilgrimage-logo-zoomTired of feeling like freedom from pornography or sex addiction is impossible? That it’s an endless “battle?” Check out and discover that freedom from addiction is possible and something you can really experience.

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