The problem with working as an escort in London

I love working for the London escorts service which I work for now, but don’t for one moment think that it is easy to work for a London x city escorts. The biggest problem is that you are forced to work late at night most of the time, and the next day, you sort of end up sleeping most of the day before you start your shift again.

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Running errands is a complete nightmare, and I have to set my alarm clock so that I can actually get out of bed on time. Shopping is the biggest problem of them all, and I hate spending my Saturday running around the grocery shops to get what I want. One of the girls I work with at London escorts says it is a bit like we all live to work and I must admit that I do agree with that. It does feel like I live to work from time to time.

Getting time for shores in a nightmare as well. Of course I want to look good for London escorts, but there are weeks when I really do wonder how I get the time to do the laundry. I keep my laundry bin in my bathroom and sometimes it just fills up so much that it overflows. That is when I know that I need to spend a day doing the laundry and getting organised in general. Forget hanging out the washing by the way. There is no way that you can do that in modern day London.

A lot of my regular at London escorts seem to think that I spend all of my time clothes shopping, going to the hairdresser and the beautician. The sad truth is that I seldom get the chance to go to the beautician. Yes, the hairdresser is fine as she is just around the corner, but it would take me a long time to get to my beautician. I am lucky if I get a chance to go to my favorite day spa more than once a month.

Would I become an escort in London again? I am pretty sure that if I had my time again, I would still work for a London escorts service. It is a great way of making money in London. Most of my friends that I grew up with, don’t have their own homes and share with others. They don’t know I work for an escort service. Would I want to live like them? No, I would not want to live like them at all. I do complain about certain aspects of my life, but I guess that we do. I have some little treats that I like to enjoy, and without my career with escort agency in London, I would not be able to enjoy, or even have my little treats in life. Sure life can be stressful, but at the same time, London can be a great place to live.

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