Stories From Alaska

xxxchurch - Stories From Alaska (2)Just this last month, I went to a conference in Nashville with a guy who I work with here on the XXXchurch team. We were supposed to learn from the best of the best about how we could do a better job with our ministry.

He also has something similar to the My Pilgrimage video courses we’ve created for you and when we first registered for them, we were excited to dive in and even more excited about the live event, which we were told was going to be absolutely essential for our hopes to improve what we’ve been working on.

He said that the live event would cover so much more than the video courses we’d already signed up for.

When we arrived, though, we soon discovered that the live event was exactly the same as what we’d already gone through. I guess he counted on the fact that almost no one would watch his videos beforehand…?

I’m not going to lie – it was disappointing. Not only was I bummed that I felt tricked but I felt bad for everyone else who hadn’t done their homework (and thought they were getting the opportunity of a lifetime) when they could have saved some dough and stayed home with the computer.

Here’s what I’m getting at… I don’t want that to happen to you.

Oftentimes when we’re left on our own to get something done…it doesn’t get done. One of our core values that has driven XXXchurch over the last 15 years – and our upcoming experience with My Pilgrimage now – is community.

We have to help one another along the way.

The “homework” – if you will – matters.

Perhaps the best aspect of My Pilgrimage is the small groups, which are full of people learning to walk this new path and who want to encourage and inspire one another as they do it.

We meet together online every week in safe, confidential groups and help one another work through addiction, shame, guilt, despair and hopelessness. We do this in hopes that we can finally come to experience what it means not just to be free…but to feel free.

A couple of weeks ago, when I first wrote to tell you about this upcoming My Pilgrimage experience, I mentioned that I’d just gotten home from our live event in Alaska.

That trip was such an amazing opportunity to participate in life together, the way people are designed to exist in community. I wanted to share a story we captured from one of our My Pilgrimage group members – Jarred – while we were in Alaska together this year.

Mark your calendar for September 13th and join My Pilgrimage with us then.

I promise, the guys in Alaska had a way better experience at the live My Pilgrimage event than we did in Nashville last month. When you register for this experience on September 13th, we’ll give you $500 off your trip next year, when we head back to Alaska in 2017.

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