Only a South London escort have been extra nice with me when I was hopeless in the past.



How can I love with myself now that I am alone? That is the question that I always ask myself especially when I am down. I thought that there is still a big chance for me to be happy in the past but I was wrong. Now that I am unable to find someone to love I can’t live with myself. At least that’s what I thought. Thankfully there is a beautiful person who has been very good to me. Her name is Lora and she is a South London escort. This amazing human being has always been very lovely but in the past. Did not have the courage to welcome her in my life. But when I realise that if I do not overcome the fears that I have deep inside me I can never do something with my life. Thankfully I got lucky when this South London escort was spending a lot of time with me because it gave me the opportunity to be happy. She is the person who has given me so much in my life and for that I am glad. There is no reason why I should not be happy anymore. But even though I know where I am going to do from this point in my life does not mean that I would succeed. That’s why I still feel a lot worried that this South London escort from might not accept me at all. But eventually we did connect in a whole new level and build something with the time that we have spent. She is first woman who has been looking at me in a special way and for that I will always be loyal to her. this South London escort always told me that she would not see or be interested in any other men now that we have already meet and I truly believe her. This girl is the best person that I have ever seen but with that fact t also mean that I have to be extra delicate with what I have with this South London escort. I do not want to throw away anything that I have built with her that’s why I want to be extra sure every time that we meet. Even if there are still a lot of rears in my mind that I would eventually lose this South London escort I will not give up. As long as she is with me I am always going to be alright. She is the reason why I am still fighting. no matter what happens in my life I am sure that there will be no reason for me to leave the woman that I have always been positive about, this South London escort is the first person that have been very kind to me even though I was very hopeless back then. I’m sure that I will never let her go because I love her very much.

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