My Sex Kitten Will Not Grow Up.

What do you do when your sexy kitten will not grow up? Two years ago I married this sexy girl from an elite charlotte action escorts service which I used to frequent in central London. After a long marriage to a lady of my own age, I felt that I needed a different take on life. I wanted to have some fun, but more than anything I wanted to have a sexy and glamorous wife. That is when I met my little sexy kitten at London escorts.

Many of my friends had married younger women after the end of their first marriages. I guess I really felt a little bit jealous and this is when I first started to date London escorts. When I was out on a date with one of the girls from London escorts, I felt like a million dollars, and I knew that I wanted to have a go at having a relationship with one of the girls. A couple of weeks later I met Bianca. With her long blond hair and legs which seemed to go on forever, she looked like the perfect sexy kitten.

When I first started to date Bianca, I was pretty sure that I would be able to mold her into my sexy cat. Bearing in mind that she is a lot younger than I am, I knew that she still had some growing up to do. I thought that she would sort of mature like a good one, but I guess I was wrong. Today, she has not changed a lot since those days when she worked for London escorts. She is still a bit too sexy for my crowd, and I am pretty sure that my friends have worked out she used to work for a London escort agency.

I have tried to change the way Bianca dressed by encouraging her to buy brand labels. She accuses me of wanting to turn her into an older version of Barbie. That is not true at all. I want her to be my sexy young girl with a touch of class. But, it does not matter what I do. She goes back to dressing like a sexy kitten from London escorts. Out comes the thigh high boots and a hint of hold up stocking top is always on show. She still dresses very much in the same way she used to dress at London escorts.

The truth is that I am a little bit embarrassed about my wife. She can act like such a tart or slut sometimes. I keep on wondering if you can take a girl away from London escorts, but you can’t take the London escort away from her. I just wish that she would be able to redefine herself, and become a bit of a classier sexy kitten. It would be so nice to have more of a purring classy cat on your arm instead of a girl who can on occasions look a bit like a slut.

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