Is Your Partner Living A Double Life?

Technology is an influencing factor in all our lives. But, does technology always have a positive influence on our love lives? I have been thinking about it since I caught my boyfriend cheating on me with another girl online. In many ways, technology has made it is easier for us to be unfaithful. When I found out that my boyfriend was having a relationship with a girl from a local London escorts agency, I have to admit that I was really surprised. I would not have thought he would be the sort of guy who would be into dating London escorts, but I was apparently wrong.

How Do You Know If Your Partner Is Living A Double Life?

It is not necessarily easy to spot if your partner is living a double life. However, I started to wonder what was going on. Not only was he coming in late from work, but at the same time, he seemed to spend a lot of time on his phone. In fact, he would always take his phone with him. First I thought that he was receiving WhatsApp messages from his friends. Eventually I did realise that he was receiving sexy messages from a London escorts service. Not only was he receiving messages, he was dating one of the girls as well.

How Many Social Media Accounts Do You Need?
[Text Wrapping Break]What I did not realise at the time, was that my boyfriend had multiple social media accounts which he used to stay in touch with his sexy friend at London escorts. They used to communicate all of the time using Facebook, Twitter and WhatsApp. Of course, I did not have access to any of these social media accounts. All I could see was my boyfriend’s regular Facebook page. When he communicated with his London escorts girlfriend, he used a totally different Facebook page.

My Boyfriend Was Sexting His London Escorts Girlfriend

Not only did my boyfriend and his secret London escorts communicate by using different social media accounts. They also communicated with each other using sextingsexting. She used to send him sexy messages all of the time. When I eventually came across them, I realised that my boyfriend was living a double life. To me, it seemed that he wanted the best of both worlds. He wanted to have a relationship with me and with his sexy London escorts girlfriend.

When I first found out about what was going on, I was really upset. I wanted to kick him out right away. But, I decided that I would plan the end of our relationship. In the end, I decided that I would name and shame both of them. I was pretty sure that it would make me feel better. I know they say you should keep lines of communication open and all of that, but I had no interest in doing that at all. Instead of taking it all out on my boyfriend, I focused my attention on his sexy London escorts girlfriend. I used my own social media accounts to expose her as an escort. My boyfriend and I did split up, but I am pretty sure that he did not think that much about me in the first place.

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