Is It True Once an Addict, Always an Addict?

Hey guys, in this month’s White Board video you’re going to hear from David and Seth Taylor.

These guys are the creators of our My Pilgrimage program. In it, Seth and David bypass surface conversations about addictions and setbacks, opting instead to dive straight underneath them in order to discover how our struggles originate in the first place. They focused on what is driving porn use – not just the surface issue – and thus far, their approach has resulted in some of the biggest breakthroughs we’ve seen in this ministry!

So, today, we wanted to give you a sneak peek into the new and updated version of My Pilgrimage … My Pilgrimage 2.0.

In this video, Seth and David talk about the myth of “Once an addict, always an addict,” and share how they were able to find real freedom… and not only from porn addiction. This freedom spread out, holistically, into ever aspect of their lives.

Enjoy, and stay tuned for more about My Pilgrimage 2.0 coming up in the near future.


  • I was fed up with spiritual leaders telling me that I was always going to be an addict – no matter what – and that it was just “a part of my suffering” that I must endure for the sake of the cross.
  • I got a point where I finally realized that the understandings I had about Jesus – who he was, what he said and how he approached humanity – had become radically different than the experiences I was having with him.
  • I started to realize that the Spirit is actually real, and that he has the power to heal and transform… It was a journey that blew up everything I thought I knew, and left joy and love in its stead.
  • We were looking to experience God. We did. It’s been an intense, healing journey.
  • Freedom is an individual experience, so freedom becomes a thing that has to be, by definition, relative to you.
  • For me, freedom is an experience. Every day I wake up and I say, “Do I feel free now?”
  • I started asking, “What am I saved from?” Eternity? Damnation? Hell? I’m living my own here, right now, in this addiction that I’m keeping secret.
  • If you believe when Jesus talked about living life more abundantly and you’re not living an abundant life, something you’re doing is not working.
  • Two things are required of you to do this work: curiosity and courage. You need curiosity to ask yourself questions about your belief system, God, your family, and why things are happening. Follow the trail of questions until you get to the root. And courage because along the trail you’ll run into things that are hard and painful. You need the courage to keep going.
  • Be kind to yourself. When you start opening yourself up to change and the pain inside of you, it can be quite difficult. You have to be patient and learn to forgive yourself on this journey.



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