I’m Turning 41 and Here’s How I Want to Celebrate

birthdayI turned 40 years old last year, right before Christmas. That means I will turn 41 this year, right after Christmas. Just kidding. It’s always a few days before Christmas. I kind of like being 40. Not sure what 41 will bring, but this year seemed to fly by.

We launched My Pilgrimage in 2016, and I realized most of you might not know what went into this launch and how we did it. My Pilgrimage is not just a book, guidebook, and video course; it also involves online Pilgrimage small groups.

We wanted to slowly roll it out and interact with people as they were going through the material and be able to make adjustments along the way. So, we broke out our email list, in no particular order, and slowly offered it to a few people each month.

Then in September, we did a public release where it became available to people on our website, regardless if they were on our mailing list or not.

We learned a lot and as we look at 2017, we are going to launch Recover in a similar fashion.

One of the things that we did during our public launch of My Pilgrimage was on opening day of the release, we offered Recover for free for anyone who bought. A lot of people took advantage of this and we mentioned a few things during that release.

1. We said My Pilgrimage would not be available again publicly until 2017.

2. We said when we launched Recover, we would do the same thing on opening day, but offer My Pilgrimage for free.

We don’t think we will have a public release of Recover until later next year, so I have something for you!

We can call it “Craig’s Birthday Day Special.”

Starting December 20th for 24 hours – Recover will be available for purchase.

We have small groups starting in the new year and are so excited about this. If you purchase Recover on December 20th, we will give your spouse or loved one My Pilgrimage for free! This is the only way to get My Pilgrimage and the very first chance to get Recover.

I promise, I won’t blow up your email for the next 10 days … but here is what I will do:

If you are on our email list …

Tomorrow – I’ll send you an email explaining all about Recover.

Monday – I’ll send you an email explaining what My Pilgrimage is and includes.

Tuesday – I will email you to let you know when the 24-hour window starts.

Wednesday – I will email you a notice that the registration has closed.

Until then, Merry (early) Christmas and here is to 41!

PS. If you want to make sure you get these emails just complete the form below.

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