How to survive a hangover

We are doing more and more business dating at Knightsbridge escorts. It is great, but I have discovered that it is easy to drink too much. Many of the gents that we date enjoy buying fine wines. I suppose there is nothing wrong with that but at the same time, I do have a tendency to enjoy a little bit too much of the good stuff. It is not easy at all, and I would like to cut down if I can. But I have to admit that I rather like wine, and my favorite dates also buy me Gin and Tonics. They know that I cannot resist them.

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I hate hangovers as they make me feel really lousy. The only permanent solution is to stop drinking of course, but that is easier said than done. Recently I have come up with my own ideas on how to cure a hangover. Surprisingly it is not that difficult and there are many natural alternatives. Some of them are really enjoyable and my colleagues at Knightsbridge escorts seem to think that they work as well. We all know that drinking more water can help, but there are other things that can help as well.


Did you know that raspberries can help to cure a hangover? One of my friends at Knightsbridge escorts makes this fantastic smoothie. It contains a cup of raspberries, a small amount of liquid yogurt, a couple of teaspoons of oats and some organic apple juice. Not only does it taste nice, but it gives you tons of energy as well. I love it and I have started to drink every morning. It is also an excellent way to detox and I am sure that it can help you feel really good over a longer period of time. One thing I have noticed is that my skin is a lot clearer and that I have more energy.


Lemon water works as well. When I wake up in the morning, I boil the kettle and squeeze a lemon into hot water. Then I sit down and sip the drink slowly. It is perhaps not the best alternative to drinking raspberry smoothie but sometimes it is nice with a change. A few of the girls at Knightsbridge also believe that this drink will help you to lose weight or keep you slim. It could work and I certainly feel a bit more cleansed afterwards.


Another one of my favorite tricks is to get up and have a shower. After that I go for a power walk with one of my friends from Knightsbridge escorts. I don’t like walking on my own in London, and as I don’t have a dog, I always make sure that I go with one of my friends. We only walk for about half an hour or so, but it can help a lot. I find that I have bags of energy after a power walk and I know that it helps my cellulite as well. I am sure that there are many other tricks out there, and at the end of the day, it is up to you. Different things work for different people.

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