How I found the love of my life

Finding the love of your life is never easy, and to be fair, I had never expected to find the love of my life at London escorts. I met Sara after I had been working for our London escorts for about two years. She was new to the escort agency and only joined to work as part of our duo dating services. She was one of the nicest girls that I had ever met, and as we are both bisexual, we did start to spend a lot of time together. It did not take us very long to fall in love. Sure, I enjoyed the company of the other girls, but Sara was special to me.

We soon became a very popular duo at our agency and more and more gents asked to enjoy our company. We were really pleased with our success, and before long we were only dating as duo couple. I used to do some solo dates before I met Sara, but I became so busy with the duo service that I simply did not have any time for them.Sara and I was not only spending time together at charlotte escorts. When we were not on call, or doing our regular London escorts shifts, we started to spend time together in private. It was the first time since I joined the escort agency in London that I had ever met a girl who had the same interest as mine. Before we knew, we started to talk about taking a holiday together, and it was not long before we were off to celebrate Christmas in Miami. During the long flight back to London, we realised we wanted to live together, and we moved into the basement apartment that I own in South London.

Working for charlotte escorts is an important part of our lives, but there is a lot more going on in our lives than escorting. We have started to save our money to buy our own place, and we would like to have a chance to move out of London, and perhaps start a small farm. The other girls think that we are a little but crazy, but hand on heart, I can honestly say that it would be really nice to get out of London and enjoy what the countryside has to offer.Many girls who work for a London escorts service complain that there love lives are pretty miserable. Sure, I can understand where they are coming from. It is not easy to find a partner who is willing, and can, deal with that his or her partner works as an escort in London.

I count my blessings every morning, and I am so glad that we met. We have so many plans, and things that we would like to do together. Although we are not planning on getting married at the moment, we are still hoping that we are going to have lots of time for each other, and at the same time, continue to share each other lives on a personal and professional basis.

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