How Can I Manage My Addiction?

Hey, it’s Craig again. The question we’re asking this week is, “How can I manage my addiction to porn?

You know, I don’t write these questions, and I’d definitely want to reword this one. The idea of managing an addiction just doesn’t make sense to me. 

You can’t “manage” an addiction. It’s unmanageable.

One of the ways you can tell you’re addicted to anything is it that you can’t stop. Or, you’re doing something more than you did previously. Or, you can’t do it less.

You can’t manage something you can’t control. Good luck with that. 

Maybe you have people around you – your friends or your spouse, perhaps – who want to support you. People who want to help you make what is unmanageable, manageable.

That’s all well and good – kind and noble, even – but the truth remains the same: you don’t manage your addiction. Your addiction manages you.

Addiction robs you. It only cares about chasing the high. You don’t manage it, and it could follow you until the day you die if you don’t make a change.

So, what can you do if you are addicted? 

First of all, you’re not a lost cause, and moving past the prison is possible. As for our part in the process, we’re excited to share our newly updated series, My Pilgrimage 2.0, which we’re launching this week. I’d dare say that My Pilgrimage is one of the best resources we’ve ever released as a ministry, and some of the biggest breakthroughs people have ever experienced have happened as a result of this experience.

Maybe the real story is not about your porn addiction at all. Maybe your addiction is actually telling you something. Something about a bigger story – a deeper root – that is yet to be seen in your life.

Let us help you break free. Watch the FREE videos from My Pilgrimage 2.0 and start your journey to real freedom from addiction instead of just trying to manage it.



  • The idea of managing an addiction just doesn’t make sense to me. You can’t manage an addiction. It’s unmanageable.
  • Addiction robs you of everything. It only cares about chasing the high.
  • To those of you who are trying to manage porn or sex addiction: it is unmanageable and – if that’s the mentality you continue to move forward with – it is also not going anywhere anytime soon.
  • You don’t manage your addiction. Your addiction manages you.
  • Want to discern whether or not you’re struggling with an addiction? Can you stop? Can you say no? Can you make that “no” permanent?
  • Maybe none of this is actually about the addiction… maybe it’s about a deeper root – a pain beneath the surface, waiting to be uncovered (and healed).
  • Are you willing to do the work? Or do you actually want to stay in this position where this addiction has you? Be honest with yourself, because if you stay here, it will come to have every part of you. That’s a scary spot to be in.



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