He Dumped me Out of the Blue

I know that I don’t really need to, but I do hang out with a couple of Sugar Daddies. All of my Sugar daddies are really nice and to be fair to them, they do look after me as well. I have a couple of former Holborn escorts friends who live in the US, and they have all got Sugar Daddies. That is fine, but it seems that most of the girls who have moved over to the States have pretty formal relationships with their Sugar Daddies. It is almost like they have a contract with them.

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Things are not the same here in the UK. I would say that most Holborn escorts who have Sugar Daddies when they are not escorting, have rather informal relationships with them. Some of the girls get a certain amount towards expenses and other gets present. But one thing all of the girls at Holborn escorts have got in common, is that they all like their Sugar Daddies. I would not date a guy even if he is my Sugar Daddy, unless that I felt that he was special.

This is why I was so surprised when one of my favorite Sugar daddies dumped me. We had been seeing each other for about a year, when he called me after the shift at Holborn escorts, and asked if he could see me. Normally he is really friendly and chatty, but this time he was a bit more stand offish if you know what I mean. He seemed to be pleased to see me, but when we sat down for drinks, he started to talk like he was finishing a contract.

It really took me by surprise, and I did not really know what to say. He told me that he realised that I had several other Sugar Daddies and felt it was unfair that I did not dedicate myself to him. To be honest, it was all a bit strange. Sure, he is a great guy, but it would be a bit like dedicating myself to dating only one gent at Holborn escorts. It seemed so strange and I really did know what to say. He seemed to be under the impression that he should be the only man in my life.

I did not know what to say, but I did explain that I was not exclusive to him. He was not in London all of the time, and I could not just see him. The funny thing was I had never let him down, and always had made myself available to him. A couple of times, I had rushed home from Holborn escorts and gone out with him. Yes, when I stopped and thought about it, I really had put myself out for him. Anyway, we parted as friends and he gave me an envelope with some cash in it. It felt weird as I had not accepted cash under those circumstances before. But I shook it off and realised that it is not only boyfriends who dump you, Sugar Daddies dump you as well. I guess it is one of those things you have to live with when you are a Sugar Babe.

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