Discovering Bisexuality As An Adult

While much progress has been made in Western society concerning the concept of homosexuality, there are still many misconceptions that exist in regards to bisexuality even with the homosexual community. Many people think that bisexuality is a choice, one that gay or lesbian individuals make in order to not endure the harassment that often comes with being homosexual, or one that heterosexual people make as part of a fetish. But these are both far from the truth and reality.

Bisexuality is a natural expression of human emotions and sexuality, just as heterosexuality and homosexuality are. It is not a choice, but a natural and inherent quality of an individual that often, due to societal and religious pressure and misunderstandings, they are not aware of until much later in life or they are unable to fully grasp and appreciate until they are full grown. While an individual who is heterosexual is only romantically and sexually attracted to members of the opposite gender and an individual who is homosexual is only romantically and sexually attracted to members of the same gender, individuals who are bisexual, sometimes referred to as pansexual, and are romantically and sexually attracted to members of all gender expressions. However, many bisexual individuals find that they are not continuously attracted to both genders equally, with some people finding themselves more attracted to men or more attracted to women, and that this sometimes changes. This, too, is natural and to be expected as humans are cyclic creatures whose interests do change based upon experiences, their environment, and the situations they tend to find themselves in.

As mentioned earlier, many people do not realize they are bisexual or decide not to act upon their bisexuality until they are adults. This can be a frightening concept, as there is so much general confusion about bisexuality, but there is much excitement and pleasure that can be had from embracing this very natural part of oneself. In doing so, one is able to release any guilt and underlying stress that comes about from hiding or inhibiting such an important part of themselves, allowing themselves to heal any associated emotional or mental trauma, and move forward as a more balanced and happy person. There is also considerable excitement and pleasure to be had in exploring this new part of one’s self, excitement found in trying something new and the pleasure to be had in a sexual relationship with someone whose body bares similarities to your own. Visit here city of eve for more fun.

If you are an adult who is only just now discovering their own bisexuality, remember that there is nothing wrong or dirty about this, and ignore any comments you may get about “faking” it or “pretending.” These are ignorant comments that do not reflect the reality of bisexuality or the reality of who you are. Being attracted romantically and sexually to individuals of both the same and differing gender is completely natural. As such, you have the right to pursue relationships that make you happy. If pursuing your happiness means that one night you find yourself with a man, and the next night a woman, so be it. That is your right.

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