Did You Miss It?

xxxchurch-did-you-miss-itI hope you feel like the Facebook Live Q&A you got to sit in on was helpful yesterday.

If you missed it, you can still watch a playback of our conversation on our Facebook feed HERE.

Based upon the feedback thus far, it seems like the dialogue left a lot of people wondering, “Maybe there is actually hope in this for me…?”

I believe that there is.

I’d love it if you joined the conversation, today.

What we don’t need is more sugar-coated lip-service paid to a problem that only gets swept under the rug.

We don’t need more pat answers that feel like laws we can’t live up to.

What we don’t need is more fear and more silence. The videos in this experience are raw, honest and unscripted.

You know, the way real life is.

The guidebooks that come with My Pilgrimage are helpful but they’re just one part of this experience. Listening in on the conversations between people that have actually experienced – or are actually experiencing – this journey to freedom…that’s the story in action.

There is so much encouragement in hearing others articulate the things that you’ve always been afraid to say – the things that finally leave you convinced that


Are you willing to be inspired?

Are you willing to join us in starting your own journey with conviction and resolve?

The My Pilgrimage experience is still available for just a few more days.

Get it today and start experiencing freedom right now.

Pilgrimage-logo-zoomTired of feeling like freedom from pornography or sex addiction is impossible? That it’s an endless “battle?” Check out MyPilgrimage.com and discover that freedom from addiction is possible and something you can really experience.

Start Your Pilgrimage

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