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Are you looking for special escorts. If you are looking for special ladies, you should really pop out to London. The hot babes of London are indeed something special and I just love dating the cool girls of London. I have been dating escorts for about ten years, but I have never come across girls like London escorts. This girls can deliver the ultimate experience without even raising a sweat, and I just love to be in their presence. As a matter of fact, I think that the cool girls of London, might be the perfect London escorts at the moment.

blondes and brunette in london escort

Sophia is one of my favorite London escorts. She is a tall black girl with enormous boobs that you can’t but to look at. In can take me hours to get away from those boobs, and when she talks to me I don’t look at her face. My eyes are clearly focused on her two large boobs, and I love they way they sort of sit their in front of me effortlessly. They are so large, that there is a wonder that she doesn’t need help to hold them up. Just one of those experiences you must have.

Agda is my favorite blonde escort at London escorts. Her long blonde curly looks touches her bum perfectly and she just loves to swirl that hair around me. Boy can this girl swirl, she used to be a lap dancer, and she has more than once, swirled herself around my pool. She is one of the hottest escorts that I have ever met, and let’s just put it this way – we have some serious fun behind closed doors. She is everything that I want an escort to be – cool, sexy and really sophisticated. Okay, she is a bit of a bad girl at times but I don’t mind that/

Tina is a tall leggy brunette at the agency who specializes in massages. She is so good at that I can almost here myself screaming out for more when every she stops. Her touch is beyond pleasure, and once she has finished, I feel like a new man. After our dates I go home and I sleep for hours. Just what you need after a really hot date with Tina and her amazing warm hands. She is so much more than just another talented girl from London escorts, she gives the ultimate sensual experience.

London escorts must be the crowning glory of all of the escorts in London at the moment. I am sure that I am not the only gent who has had all of his dream dates at this agency. Every time I leave, I want to come back for more and it is hard to tear myself away from my favorite hot babes. They are all such dream girls, and If I did not have them in my life, I would probably go nuts. Every moment of the day, the girls have the habit of popping into my head. Then I just dream about them, and their perfection, for the rest of the day.

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