Are you up for the challenge

When I was working forBasildon Escorts from 2009, I met a gentleman who had an interest in getting to know me much better. After a couple of conversations of finding out exactly what I had to understand, I chose to take part. Early in this procedure, he told me that he is not a great “chit-chat” starter. He could engage in conversation however beginning it and keeping it streaming were not his gifts. As time moved on, I discovered this to be real and it began to be a bother. The long minutes of silence on the phone at times drove me batty. I don’t know about you however I don’t do long minutes of silence well at all.

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One day, I chose to ask him how he felt about our interaction. I pointed out to him my concern about the long minutes of silence and he started to apologize. Well, I informed him that I appreciated his apology however there was actually no requirement for it. I asked the question to get information and now that we have this information, we can deal with this area together. He wasn’t up for the challenge so he bailed and think exactly what – he never bothered to tell me. I thought something horrible happened to him but after careful investigation – he was 100% fine.

I shared this with you to make a few bottom lines about relationships

  • There are no perfect people to have relationships with but if we are up for the obstacle, our locations of weakness can end up being strong.
  • Conflict is a good friend and an opportunity for growth.
  • Every irritation is a gift for the relationship.
  • Relationships are the medicine that we need to grow, heal and reclaim our wholeness.

A lot of individuals that I appreciate in relationships sometimes seem incompatible. My chiropractic physician is really strong, opinionated and in your face while her spouse lays in the cut behind the scenes. I remember her hubby informing me that he is fortunate to be wed to a woman like her since he has actually become and is day-to-day ending up being a much better man simply by having her in his life for the past 15+ years. “My weak areas have actually definitely become strong because of her.”

Sometimes we have to bail while other times God will send us exactly what we need in order for us to end up being the best people that we can be. Do not miss out on your blessing. Step up to the plate and face the difficulty!

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